The Best Beach Bag Ever, Right Here at All-time Favourites

The Best Beach Bag Ever, Right Here at All-time Favourites

Ladies, summer's just around the corner. Maybe you can’t quite feel it outside just yet, but one peek at the calendar and you know it's time to start operation bikini and get your hands on a new beach bag.

And you know us at All-time Favourites, we're the experts in fashionable, big bags, something your beach bag must be. So, look no further!

Here’s why an All-time Favourites tote bag has to be your beach bag this summer:

  • Size matters! First off, a beach bag has to be spacious, right? It has to big enough for all those towels, creams, shovels, snacks, sandals, etc. Our large totes fit all of that. Perfect for you and for the whole crew, without breaking a sweat. Heading to the beach solo? Check out our small or medium tote beach bags. You can get more familiar with our sizing in this video.
  • Zip it up. The ideal beach bag must have a zipper, no doubt about it. Our All-time Favourites beach bags have sturdy, end-to-end zippers that keep everything safe and in its place. Not to mention, sand-free! Unless you’re taking your beach bag poolside. Then the zipper helps keep your mobile phone from dropping into the deep end. So go ahead and zip up your beach bag and enjoy that post-lunch siesta. Just don’t forget to lather up, too!        
  • Organization. Inside all our beach bags, you'll find a little strap. You can use it to clip in your keys and avoid ever having to find keys in the sand. But you can also use it to clip in any All-time Favourites bag-in-bags. These can be our matching accessory or toiletry bags. We designed them to make it 10x easier to stash all your wallet, sunglasses, and other important items and be able to find them quickly. Honestly, there is no better way to get organized and keep your valuables safe inside your beach bag. Plus, if you just want to dash off to the bathroom or out to lunch, you can unclip your bag-in-bag and it’s instantly become a super stylish clutch. Can your plastic shopping bag that you sometimes throw things into when you go to the beach do that? Didn’t think so. 😊
  • Comfort. When your beach bag is bursting at the seams, comfy handles are a must. That's why All-time Favourites beach bags come with two types of handles: long ones so you can sling it over your shoulder and keep your hands free, or shorter ones for carrying the bag in your hand or hanging it over your forearm. And it goes without saying that even though our bags are super-sized, you’ll still look elegant strutting your stuff along the beach.
  • Sustainability. I know, that has become such a trendy term. But I have to say it because our beach bags are so sturdy and multifunctional that you can use them all year round, and season after season! Use it as a beach bag, gym bag, weekend bag, travel bag, carry-on, or grocery bag. So instead of buying a bunch of different bags, you can invest in one quality bag that gets it all done. Not only is it better for your wallet but also for the environment!

I hope I've convinced you that our ATF tote bags are must-have beach bags, and everything else in life bags! Now, onto the next challenge: which one will you choose? #decisiondilemma

Wishing you a fantastic summer!

Lots of love, Brechje

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