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Bekijk al onze tassen op één plek: de CITY BAG collectie en BIG FIVE collectie allemaal samen – . Welke shopper met bijpassende toilettas of make-uptas is binnenkort van jou? 

All-time Favourites Tote Bags

Nowadays, a tote bag has become an indispensable part of every woman's collection. Plastic bags are a thing of the past. With your own tote bag you are always in style! Our tote bags are the perfect bag for a day of shopping, the gym or a weekend away. Many happy users also take the tote bag with them on a trip or on vacation because they work great as hand hand luggage and beach bags!

Our tote bags are large enough for all your belongings, making them very useful in your daily life. After you use your first tote bag, you'll never want to be without it again!

Our bags can be divided into three categories:

Small tote bags

Medium tote bags

Large tote bags

The small, large and medium tote bags are available in various prints. We have basic prints, but also crazy animal prints. Such as the Large tote bag Python print or the Large tote bag Leopard print. And inside each tote is a feminine pink nylon lining!

Each tote bag has a zipper, with which you can completely close your bag. You can also find two pockets with zippers inside the bags where you can store your more important stuff. There is also a strap you can use to attach our trendy and matching toiletry bag to. That way you can have more control over your make-up essentials.

Small tote bag from All-time Favourites

We at All-time Favourites aim to make every woman's busy, on-the-go lifestyle a lot more stylish. But also more convenient with our great large and medium tote bags. And from now on, your life will be even more complete, with our small handbag, your ideal buddy for every moment of the day!

A good small tote, or large handbag, is indispensable for every wardrobe. And All-time Favourites is the perfect place to find one or more. Every fashion lover naturally has several in their closet. Due to its compact shape but surprisingly spacious capacity, the large zippered handbag from All-time Favourites is a model you can never do without.

If you are looking for a stylish item that will last you for many years to come, then a large handbag with a zipper is definitely for you! In our new collection of handbags you will find large handbags in our well-known BIG FIVE animal prints—leopard print, zebra print, python print and crocodile print. The leopard print is a worldwide favourite. Our python print is also very popular among our customers because this snake print is both chic and cool to wear.

Are you looking for a handbag that you can wear anytime, anywhere? Then our croc small tote is exactly what you are looking for. This large handbag is often used as a work bag because it is easy to combine with a business outfit. And the vegan leather gives it a beautiful and chic effect. Looking for something different? Then be sure to take a look at our large zippered handbag in zebra print. The black and white stripes make this tote very easy to combine with any outfit, and a great conversation starter!

The medium tote bag from All-time Favourites

Our tote bags are also available in a happy middle size; the medium tote bag! Not too big, not too small, this tote bag is perfect for shopping, sports or a weekend away. Medium tote bags also make great beach bags in the summer. You can throw everything in them and then keep your stuff safe by closing it up with a zipper. How many beach bags have you seen that can do that!

Another great thing about a medium tote bag with a zipper is that it can be taken along as hand luggage on the plane. You'll be zipping your way past all those clunky standard trolley suitcases. Au revior!

A medium tote bag is a real fashion statement and completes your look. It's the perfect bag; the medium tote bag is beautiful, stylish and handy! You can store all your things in the tote bag in a beautiful way. Inside the bag there is a zipper pocket for your most important items. There is also a large zipper across the top you can use to safely and easily close the entire bag.

In addition to tote bags, we also sell toiletry bags in matching prints. Very handy for all your small essentials. And the medium tote bag has a strap inside you can use to easily attach it to. This way you can always find the toiletry bag quickly and have all your valuables at hand.

There are also press studs at the ends of the zipper you can snap into each other to make the bag smaller if you don't need the extra space. Because bigger is only better sometimes!

The medium tote bag is available in various prints and colors from green to turquoise to black, white/blue and so on. There is something for every lady.

The collection varies from basic tote bags to crazy prints. It just depends on what you feel like and what the occasion is! Of course we have the crazy animal prints, which are true all-time favourites in snake print, leopard print and zebra print. Camouflage print is also one of our bestsellers.

In terms of fabrics, there are sequins, neoprene (scuba-diver fabric) and animal prints in cotton with a coated layer. There are also models made of canvas fabric among the small totes with a zipper and we have a number of 'puffers' this year, so nice and soft! Speaking of soft, this year we also have a chocolate teddy. You won't be the first person to want to sleep with this fuzzy bag!

The outside is hugely important to us, but don't think for a second that we've forgotten the inside. Every medium tote bag is lined with a cool pink nylon lining! Because let's face it, girls will be girls :-).

One thing is for sure, a medium tote bag from All-time Favourites will make sure you look great while on-the-go!