Bags that Last a 'Life'—Sustainability at ATF

Bags that Last a 'Life'—Sustainability at ATF

Yes, I know that bags that last a life isn't perfect English and that it should be bags that last a life(time). But we've done this intentionally because life captures the essence of our bags. They're made to fit your entire life, as in lifestyle, and last a really long time, hopefully a lifetime! And that's a great segue for what I want to talk to you about today: sustainability!

Oh yes, and before I forget, let me introduce myself. I'm Brechje Gondrie. I founded ATF and I sit down to write in the ATF blog every week to take you into my mind and to explain my philosophies around building my own brand. Right now I am in Spain, where I have lived since 2019, but at any given moment I could be in Netherlands or Germany.

Now back to sustainability. For all of us at All-time Favourites, sustainability means two things:

1: Making bags that last 'all time'

You've probably heard about fast fashion, the act of buying clothes often for a small price just to wear the very latest fashion trend. The item is of poor quality because it is not meant to worn next season. And that is something I really don't want and have never wanted for All-time Favourites.

I have named my brand All-time Favourites for a reason—I want my totes to last for all time. Our name breathes sustainability. Because a bag can only become an all-time favourite if you can use it year after year—a classic. Something you are able to wear or use year after year. And a tote from All-time Favourites equals quality.

As a brand, we have a return rate of less than 3%. This is really exceptionally low and I am very proud of that. I am continuously working with my manufacturer to select the best zippers, the best lining, the best materials, so that our bags are strong enough to really carry and lift your entire life for A LIFETIME!

2: Using energy resources and the environment wisely

To ensure that we do not burden the environment or at least as little as possible, we offer our bags an alternative to plastic bags. With an All-time Favourites tote bag you no longer need plastic bags in the supermarket, to go on holiday or to the beach, or to head to the gym. Just throw everything you need in your ATF tote and go. One tote bag does the job all kinds of different bags and it looks way nicer than plastic bags too!


We also try to use earth-friendly materials. For example, our croc print totes are made from vegan leather, and the python, zebra and leopard print shoppers are made from organic cotton. Our luxurious GOLD LABEL line is made from recycled plastic fishing nets and dyed without chemicals.


When it comes to shipping, I am very proud to say that our adorable pink shipping bags have been 100% biodegradable for a year now. Which means that they completely dissolve into a kind of compost in just 6 weeks. That's great, isn't it? You probably saw these nice pink bags when you placed an order with us. That makes you happy, doesn't it?

We know there is something many of you are not happy with—our shipping costs. Choosing to charge shipping costs was a very conscious, not economic, decision. People sometimes think that we make money from this, that we put it in our own pockets or something. But the actual cost of our shipping is actually many times higher than the €4.95 we ask for from our customers. Shipping puts a lot of stress on the environment and we believe that we should bear those costs together.

We also know that charging shipping costs, even for high volume or high value orders, may be a bummer or a barrier. But whether you buy 1 or 10 pieces, the costs and the pressure on the environment are always there. In fact, free shipping and returns are already on their way out at may eco-conscious companies. There needs to be more awareness about this.

There is still plenty of work for us to do in terms of sustainability, but I am really happy with what we have been able to do so far. And as a brand, we are already passing with flying colours with our totes designed not to unravel or be thrown away next season, but to last and last and last for life. That's our philosophy, that's in our name, it's what our customers expect, and it's what our planet deserves.

Enjoy your weekend! It's going to be lovely weather!

Greetings Brechje

P.S. Here are some more pictures of those cheerful pink shipping bags!

Atf and sustainability

Shipping bags ATF

AtF Bags bigger than life

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Lieve Brechje, ik ben groot van van jouw tassen en heb er ondertussen veel verzameld. Ik wil je als feedback geven dat niet alle tassen even sterk zijn. De gouden neopreen van twee jaar geleden (als ik het goed heb) is stuk. De drukknoppen zaten aan elkaar en wilde ik losmaken. Uiteindelij lukte dit maar trok de ene drukknop los uit de stof met een gat tot gevolg. Superjammer! Ik heb de tas ook niet zo gek vaak gebruikt. Liefs, Debby

Debby van Reeden

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