Small Tote Bags

Small Tote Bag, shoulder bag, large handbag—whatever you decide to call it, this bag is a stylish must-have in your ATF collection! If you are busy and on-the-go, a small tote is your new best friend. Take it shopping or to work by day. And out to dinner and dancing at night! Why not? ATF bags are always stylish and ready to go! BAGS BIGGER THAN LIFE!


A small tote bag is the same thing as a large handbag, and it's an indispensable part of a nice outfit and a busy on-the-go lifestyle. All-time Favourites is famous for being the Large Bag Brand, and now you can find your perfect large handbag here too!

Our handbag is indispensable in your wardrobe and every fashion lover naturally has several in their closet. Thanks to its compact shape but surprisingly spacious capacity, this large, zippered handbag from All-time Favourites is a model you can never do without. If you are looking for a stylish item that will last you for many years to come, then our small tote or large handbag with a zipper is definitely for you! Look for you next new large handbag in our small tote BIG FIVE collection in well-known animal prints.


A women's handbag is an indispensable fashion item. When you go out without a bag, it not only gives you a naked feeling but also a sense that something is not right. A nice large handbag is an eye-catcher, it makes the outfit, and as a woman you can never have too many handbags, right?

The more large handbags, the better! It is important for a large handbag that all your daily essentials fit in it. Your keys, lipstick, telephone, bottle of water, wallet and your All-time Favourites make-up bag. All in!

A large handbag can be taken everywhere. From a day of shopping spree in the city to dinner out at a nice restaurant, and from the office to the gym. These bags from All-time Favourites are ideal for your entire day.

Which handbag suits your style?

Can never be too bold? Then our leopard print or tiger print handbag is your ideal daily companion! You will not go unnoticed. Slightly less striking, but certainly eye-catching, is the python print or snake print handbag for women. If you like a slightly quieter print, then the black and white zebra print handbag is ideal. Or you might like our classy black handbag in crocodile print.

And you want to know the best thing about these large handbags? They are part of a full and beautiful set of matching large and small totes, and accessory bags, from All-time Favourites.

If you have to take a lot with you on any given day, simply put your large handbag into your large tote bag, along with your sports gear, groceries and beach gear, and so on. Beautiful, but above all extremely useful BAGS BIGGER THAN LIFE!


We at All-time Favourites make every woman's busy on-the-go life a lot more stylish, but also more convenient with our great large and small tote bags. And from now on your life will become even more complete, now that you can add a large handbag from All-time Favourites to your collection. From now on you will never have to go through life without a bag of All-time Favourites, because we are your ideal buddy for every moment of the day and you always have everything with you!


In the All-time Favourites web shop you will find the nicest handbags in the bestselling animal prints. Animal prints are completely part of today's fashion. Animal prints are stylish and timeless and give your outfit that little bit of extra flair. At All-time Favourites you will find handbags in different animal prints. We have large handbags in leopard print, zebra print, python print and crocodile print. So there is something for everyone. The leopard print is a worldwide favourite and therefore a handbag with a zipper in this leopard print should certainly not be missing. In addition, the handbags in our python print are also very popular among our customers because this snake print is both chic and cool to wear. Are you looking for a tote bag that you can wear anytime, anywhere? Then our croc handbag is exactly what you are looking for. This handbag is often used as a work bag because it is easy to combine with a business outfit. In addition, the vegan leather gives a beautiful and chic effect to this handbag. Looking for something different? Then be sure to take a look at our large zippered handbag in zebra print. The colour combination of black and white makes this small tote bag very easy to combine with any outfit, but it also gives your outfit a playful look.


Have you found your favourite ladies handbag? Then don't wait any longer and order this large handbag online now. This allows you to experience all the conveniences, such as fast delivery, safe online ordering and shipping in a nice pink package. If you don't like the handbag, which we cannot imagine, you can always return it. All-time Favourites, bags bigger than life!