Beach Bags

All our tote bags can be used as a beach bags. Honestly, you can take any of our bags anywhere you want, of course. It's just that we think some of them are slightly more suitable for the beach than others. So, to make it easy for you, we've put all our most beach-friendly bags together here, in one handy BEACH BAG collection.


Our large bags from All-time Favourites are ideal for the beach. A nice large beach bag is a must-have for anyone who wants to look fashionable on the beach. You can store all your beach gear in it in an elegant way.

All our beach bags have a large zipper to close the bag completely—and keep you from losing your keys in the sand! There is also a small zipper inside the bag for your important things like your phone and credit cards. And there are some additional small compartments to stash your lip gloss or mirror for easy access. You can also place items in our matching toiletry bag. All our bags have a strap you can use to attach the toiletry bag to your tote, so they stay right where you left them!


Our large beach bags with zipper are available in different colours and prints—from basic prints to trendy animal prints such as leopard print, zebra print, and snake print (python print).

But in addition to our BIG FIVE animal prints, our beach bag collection also always has cheerful summer models—in canvas fabric with colors such as white, pink and yellow. Perfect for the beach!


Our large beach bags gets taken to all the best places! These large totes have been spotted in Ibiza, in France, Italy, Bali, you name it! Stroll around the most beautiful destinations worldwide and you will spot our beautiful large totes. But our beach tote bags with a zipper are just as glamorous back at home in Noordwijk and Bloemendaal! Wherever you go, with a beach bag from All-time Favourites you will always be in style.


Our large beach bags are very useful if you are carrying things for more than one person. That never happens, right? Ha! Our large tote fits about 3-4 large towels, as well as other accessories that you may take with you to the beach.

If you are alone or with two people, a medium beach bag is perfect. Two large towels can easily fit in a medium tote, as well as all kinds of other items that you would take with you, such as a toiletry bag with all your sunscreen, deodorant, hairbrush, etc. Whatever you bring, you won't run out of space with our beach bags.


Go to the beach with a nice beach bag. Bring a towel, sunscreen, something to eat, something to drink and enjoy. At All-time Favourites we have the most beautiful large beach bags with a zipper ready for you. Handy, because these bags are nice and big, so that in addition to a gigantic matching beach towel, you also have room for a baguette and a bottle of wine. Not only handy, also simply beautiful.


Have you already chosen a beach bag? Be sure to read these last-minute tips to beach bag success!

  • Check the exact dimensions of the beach bag on the product description page.
  • Throw your empty beach bag into your suitcase and use it as an extra bag for the flight home.
  • Use the built-in strap to add a toiletry bag to your beach bag to store more expensive items or to just keep the sunscreen from falling around.

Summer starts with a beach bag

Summer has only really started when you throw your bikini and towel in your beach bag and hit the road. At All-time Favourites you will always find a beach bag that will complete your beach day. Our beach bags, with their fringes, pompoms and shells, are as radiant as your mood on a sunny day when you enjoy the beach endlessly with friends and family.


Our beach bags are made of materials that are just as summery as the bag itself. Canvas, cotton and printed wicker make your beach bag the ultimate summer accessory. Our beach bags are strong enough to carry all your beach essentials—your bikini, towel, parasol, sun hat, sunscreen and book all fit in there.

But beach bags aren't just for summer! You can also use a large beach bag as a shopping bag or sports bag. Give your blah supermarket or sterile gym a bit of All-time Favourites style.

All-time Favourites beach bags

Our large totes and beach bags are not only useful in the summer. You can use them all year round, so you can also make your beach bag shine in autumn and winter.

Open or closed

Not a great idea to leave your beach bag hanging open while you try to relax and take a refreshing dip, right? Nevertheless, most beach bags don't have a zipper. But fear no more! At All-time Favourites you will of course find beach bags with a zipper that you can open and close with ease.

We think it is super important that all our tote bags are not only hip, but also super practical and handy, so that you can get the most out of your beach day. You close our bags with a long zipper. This way you can jump into the sea with peace of mind. It's the next best thing to having a person sit and look after your personal belongings. Looks like you're going to have to buy your beach bag a drink as a thank you!