Medium Tote Bags

Love our large tote bags, but want something just a bit smaller? Our Medium Tote Bag is the answer. Perfect for everyday use as a shopping bag, sports bag, work bag or whatever bag! And with a zipper, you can be sure nothing valuable like your laptop will fall out along the way. This handy bag is also cabin approved, making it your best friend on flights for work or for fun. With our medium tote bags, no matter where you go, you'll go in style! BAGS BIGGER THAN LIFE!


Our famous large tote bags are also available in a size smaller—the Medium Tote Bag! Perfect for shopping, sports or for a weekend get away, our medium bags are also great as a beach bag in the summer. And so you don't have to worry about anything falling out, we've added a sturdy zipper. That means it also works great as hand luggage on the plane. An we promise our medium bags are way more stylish and cabin friendly than a standard trolley suitcase.


A medium tote bag is a real fashion statement and completes your look. We can say with confidence that it's the perfect bag. A shoulder bag that's beautiful, stylish and handy! Inside the medium tote bag there are two pockets with zippers so you can store away your most important items. There's also a large zipper so you can securely close the entire bag.

In addition to tote bags, we also sell matching toiletry bags. They are so handy for all your small essentials and valuables. The medium tote bag has a strap inside you can use to easily attach your matching toiletry bag to it. This way you can always find it quickly and have all your valuables at hand. So very handy! There are press studs at the ends of the zipper of this tote bag, too that you can snap together to make your tote even smaller. Fabulous detail!


Our medium tote bags are available in various prints and colours, from green to turquoise to black, white/blue and so on. There is really something for everyone, ladies. The collection varies from basic tote bags to crazy prints. It just depends on what you feel like and what the occasion is!

Of course we have crazy animal prints, which are now completely hot and hip, but really do they ever go out of style? Check out our snake print, leopard print and zebra print. And don't forget the camouflage print, forever a bestsellers.

In terms of fabrics, we have medium tote bags in sequins, neoprene (scuba diving fabric). And our animal prints are cotton with a coated layer. We also have bag models made of canvas fabric, and even 'puffers' (our black down totes) that are nice and thick and soft!

But enough about the outside! Let's take a look at the inside which we think is just as important. We line every bag with a cool pink nylon lining! Because let's face it, girls will be girls :-).

One thing is for sure, the medium tote bag from All-time Favourites will keep you in style while you're on-the-go!


Don't you just hate having to use a plastic bag every time at the supermarket? Our medium tote bags are here to get you out of that loop. Our bags are lightweight and also large and strong enough for all your heavy groceries. Use them as shopping bags. They can take it with sturdy handles and long handles that make it easy to carry the bag in your hand or over your shoulder. Each medium tote bag has a zipper too it can be completely closed. No more apples rolling down the pavement. How convenient!

Thanks to our many different prints and materials, you will always find a shopping bag that suits you completely. You're also in the right place for a day of fashion shopping. With trendy prints and cool colours you are guaranteed to steal the show. Inside our bags you will find a side pocket with a zip, so that you can always safely stash your valuable glasses and keep them from falling out or getting scratched.


Have you chosen a medium tote bag from our collection? We understand that you are always busy and on-the-go, which is why you can order quickly and easily in our web shop and receive your bag quickly. Click away! We'll do our best to get it to you the next day.


Our medium tote bag is perfect for your everyday adventures. Use it as a shopping bag, weekend bag, carry-on bag, work bag, or just as an everyday bag. Our tote bags with zipper are a real fashion statement and an indispensable part of the daily lives of many women like you. Because of their size they are real eye-catchers.

Just check out our bestselling animal print bags from our BIG FIVE collection—leopard print, zebra print, python print, croc print and camouflage print. These all-time favourite prints are always in our collection and never go out of style.

Of course you can also opt for a shopping bag from our exclusive limited edition collection CITY BAGS. And our summer collection contains cheerful prints and bright colours so that you can steal the show on the beach with your beach bag from All-time Favourites. In winter, you will find prints and colours that are timeless and stylish and match any outfit. So you can enjoy our tote bags all year round.

In short, with the medium tote bags from All-time Favourites you can go anywhere. And the nice thing is, they cannot be ignored! BAGS BIGGER THAN LIFE!