That's Why the Lining is Always PINK!

That's Why the Lining is Always PINK!

Nice to have you here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje and I am the founder of this awesome big bag brand All-time Favourites! Every week I write a blog to take you through what comes my way in building my own brand and running this international online brand!

I launched the very first tote bag more than 10 years ago. That was the Python tote. And just like now, I thought about a lot of things. Because when I make or think of something, it always has to be practical. The first Python tote sample had a dark lining. That may have been visually appealing at first, a beige/black print, with a black lining. But you know what? It's next to impossible to find anything in such a large tote if the inside of it is dark. Am I right? That's why after testing the first sample, I thought the lining should be given a color. That makes it SO much easier to search and find things.

As you may know by now, I love a touch of pink ! That's why I thought why not make the lining contrast with this bright pink color. Not only does that look great, it's also MEGA handy! So if you ever wonder why the lining is pink, it is firstly because it makes life easier and secondly because ATF stands for pink (see also our logo!) and thirdly: because the bags are big and cool on the outside. And nice and feminine and soft on the inside!

Fashion meets function!

Have a nice weekend, love


All-time Favourites | Bags bigger than life!

Bags bigger than life!


Ik vind het zooo jammer dat je collectie enkel in die grote shoppers te krijgen is
Jammer twee zomers op een rij zou ik wel iets willen shoppen,de items zijn mooi
Maar niet iedereen moet die …reuze…formaten hebben

Deblauwe cine

En laat ze alsjeblieft altijd roze zijn sls ze niet specifiek unisex zijn! Ik word er altijd zo blij van!! 🩷

Ingrid Speijer

Al de shoppers zijn geweldig en inderdaad, door de felle pinkkleur vindt men alles sneller in de tas👍

Meggy Berres-Bloemen

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