What Do We Mean by BIG FIVE?

What Do We Mean by BIG FIVE?

Yes, I'm back with my weekly blog to keep you informed and take you through what is involved in building your own brand. My name is Brechje and I founded All-time Favourites: this great large bag brand that I am putting my heart and soul into putting into the market. Now in 3 countries, namely the Netherlands, Spain and Germany.

As you probably know, we now have quite a large tote bag collection and bit of fame. But it is still a challenge for us to bring our brand to the attention of women online. You are up against many bag brands that are vying for the same viewers. To help you get good reach, you can pay Google of course, or Facebook, but you can also properly organise your website, so that you can be found organically. And... once you finally arrive in our store, we also have to ensure that you have a great user experience and can find your way around.

That's why we're shifting our menu a bit. Customer service is now easier to find on the site, as a dropdown option in the menu of the mobile site, so that you can easily contact us and also read the FAQs.

Another thing we wanted to clear up is some uncertainty about what we call our BIG FIVE. Because those are animals in Africa, right?

Indeed, in Africa the BIG FIVE animals are the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. This term was coined by hunters and refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt. Fortunately, today the term is mainly used by safari tour operators helping tourists admire them in the wild. And we have also adopted the term, because we also have a BIG FIVE to admire—our BIG bags in FIVE different animal  and safari prints: python, zebra, leopard, crocodile, and camouflage. Together they form our PERMANENT COLLECTION! They are our base and you will always be able to find them on our site.

That's why we have given the BIG FIVE a permanent spot on our site. Hopefully with our new mobile menu, and this blog post, everything is clear and easier than ever! Of course I would love to hear your feedback!

Nice weekend,

Greetings Brechje

Our Big 5 regular prints: camouflage, leopard, zebra, crocodile & python

Big Five All-time Favourites

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