Tiger motif FLORENCE toiletry bag

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All the major Italian fashion houses known for their animal prints—Cavalli, Gucci and Pucci—have their origins in Florence. That's why we thought Florence was a perfect fit for our black tiger print CITY BAGS collection!

This cute black tiger bag is like three bags in one. Use it as a toiletry bag, a clutch or bag-in-bag. To turn it into a clutch, use the inside strap of your ATF tote as wristband. To use it as a bag-in-bag, clip it into your ATF tote bag. The choice is yours! 

  • Dimensions: 25x16x12cm
  • Closure: black zipper
  • Material: organic cotton, tiger print, splash-proof coating (the shine calms down with use)
  • Lining: pink nylon
  • An old Dutch dime dangles from the zipper as a nod to our origins and to bring you good luck!
  • Ring on the side to clip this toiletry bag to the interior strap on our matching Florence tote bags, so that it's easier to find! You can also remove the cord from the tote and use it as a wristband, instantly turning this toiletry bag into a clutch!
  • Note: not machine washable