Bye Bye 2022, Hello 2023—Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Bye Bye 2022, Hello 2023—Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Hi! So glad you decided to check out my blog! My name is Brechje. I am the proud founder of this awesome big bag brand All-time Favourites, which I have been building and running since 2015. I have been pretty busy and not blogging for a few months, but I'll be back in 2023 to give you a peek at whatever comes my way as a female entrepreneur!

The end of January is already in sight and we have really hit the starting blocks this year. We had a fantastic Five Final Favorites: our annual five-day sale, always in the first week of the new year. As we become more and more known as a brand, our ATF fans know we don't have sales during the year, so they get ready to gear up in January. We heard that many of you were even setting alarm clocks to not miss it. And we believe because some items sold out within 10 minutes. Unbelievable, right?

Because this is the first blog of 2023, I would like to look back on 2022. Last week the girls at the office gave their 2022 presentation—with all the figures, analysis and margins. It was another turbulent year due to the after-effects of the pandemic. Transport was still crazy expensive, the factory was closed a few times due to sick staff, and the war in the Ukraine and the energy crisis certainnly didn't help.

But... there was also something to celebrate: the successful innovation of our new CITY BAGS—IBIZA, MILANO and TULUM. We have completely sold out of these collections.

Our permanent BIG FIVE collection also did well. Have a look the Dutch Oscar winners:

  • Best-selling size = the small shopper
  • Best-selling print = black croc
  • Best-selling city bag collection = Milano (disco green)

And in Germany:

  • Best-selling size = the large shopper
  • Best-selling print = camouflage
  • Best-selling city bag collection = Mallorca (silver/gold sequins)

Interesting isn't it, how two countries that are so close to each other score so differently. Those differences always fascinate me, and always make me wonder: How can I make tote bags women's hearts beat faster in different countries? We simply cat cut and paste from one country to another, even neighbors. Interesting, right?

Enjoy your weekend, make it fun and don't forget to bring your ATF tote bag!

Greetings Brechje

P.S. Check out everyone wearing our new sweater that was in our Christmas package!

Team All-time Favourites





Ah leuk weer eens een nieuwe blog!
Ik ben vooral heel naar wat er komen gaat dit jaar aan leuke printjes want ATFtassen heb je nooit genoeg ☺️


Super leuk Brechje om te lezen
hoe verschillend er per land qua tassen verkocht wordt. Ik ben ook benieuwd naar de favorieten van Spanje!
Kan ook niet wachten op de nieuwe collectie!
Blijf vooral zo enthousiast doorgaan en maak van 2023 een topjaar!

Lieve groet Vanessa

Vanessa Jonkers

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