Hello Spring, Hello New Collection!

Hello Spring, Hello New Collection!

Hi again and welcome back to my blog! My name is Brechje and I am the proud founder of All-time Favourites, the trendy large bag brand that helps busy on-the-go women get the most out of their busy day in style! As you may have heard last week, after a huge delay, our new summer collection has finally come online. Just in time for summer!

We have added no fewer than 8 cities to the limited edition city tote bag collection—BIARRITZ, AMSTERDAM, MALLORCA, MILANO, KO PHI PHI, PORTOFINO, FORMENTERA and HAVANA! Let me explain why I gave each bag that city name:

Biarritz: The surfing capital of Europe but is also has a classic feel. We thought the blue and white stripes with a touch of neon yellow really suited surfers!

Amsterdam: I think this hysterical animal print bag screams Amsterdam. Not only because that is where our roots lie, and where we became famous with animal prints, but also because it is a bit stubborn and free.

Mallorca: Our sequin bags always sell very well. And now that we are active in active in Germany and Germans love to go to Mallorca, I thought it would be nice to name these beautiful silver and gold tote bags after this beautiful island.

Milano: The colors of this green bag are almost those of the Italian flag. And Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, so we thought the Milano name was a perfect fit!

Koh Phi Phi: The most beautiful island in Thailand! The clear blue turquoise water and the black and brown rocks are completely reflected in these turquoise snake print bags!

Portofino: The mega chic fishing town on the Italian Riviera was a destined name for these golden tote bags.

Formentera: The mini island next to Ibiza is known for its pink salt bays. And because this shopper really is the ideal beach bag, Formentera seemed like the perfect name for this tote.

Havana: This city popped to mind spontaneously when I had this bag in my hands. I didn't see a European city. I saw Latin America or South America and suddenly I saw the colors of the vintage cars of Havana combined with the black details and bamboo handles completely coming together.

I am so proud of this new summer collection! And I think there really is something for everyone. And then of course we also have our regular BIG FIVE collection, so you will find no fewer than 13 different prints online PLUS the 5 winter cities! This is our largest collection ever!

And when you see the 8 + 5 + 5 = 18 prints, I am soooo curious to know—which one do you like best?

Have a nice weekend and don't forget to move the clock! Unfortunately, that means one hour less sleep, but one hour more light!

Love Brechje

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