Meet the ATF Team!

Meet the ATF Team!

Nice to have you here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje Gondrie and I am the proud founder of All-time Favourites. The large tote bag brand that I have been running for over 7 years now!

But…I haven't been doing that alone for quite some time now! Yes, I started ATF on my own and packed the orders for consumers and retailers myself. I always added a handwritten note. When I think about it, I start to beam. I had so much fun packing! At first it was 1 package per day that I could walk over to the Netherlands post office (PostNL). Then there were more and I had to take the car. Later, PostNL came to collect the packages from our office. Finally we outsourced the entire packing and shipping process! So much has changed in 7 years.

Of course, we have been away from the Netherlands for quite some time now and we have our office here in Barcelona. Where we are now working with 5 women! Because since February this year we also have an intern here at the office in Barcelona! So when I heard myself say on the phone to my parents this week, “We're going to have a bite to eat with the team after work on Wednesday, yes mom, the five of us”, I felt SO proud! So today's blog is about TEAM ATF in Barcelona:

The first to join me here at the office in Barcelona was Cristina. A real local-warm and passionate! Cris, also called Kitty, is responsible for the Spanish web shop and also creates the most beautiful Stories for all three Instagram accounts. 

All-time Favourites

Kitty and me

Verena followed. Austrian by origin, she has lived in Spain for quite a few years. She is responsible for the German web shop and is also our Excel guru and analyst. She wants to understand everything and makes the most beautiful connections!

All-time Favourites

Verena and me

After this, Nanne came to our office. Initially responsible for the Dutch web shop, but now also our Global Manager, she is responsible for the team and the daily operations of all shops. Nan is a born manager who acquired her skills at Young Capital and can apply them at ATF!

All-time Favourites

Nan and me

On Valentine's Day this year, International Business intern Danique visited us from Arnhem. Danique has seen the whole world and interned in the coolest places (her previous internship was in Dubai!) and tells us about the latest trends. (For example, should ATF be on TikTok?)

Bags bigger than life

Danique and me

And with me, that makes 5. My biggest challenge as a founder is and remains delegation. I prefer to do everything myself, because I'm so used to it. But that's the stupidest thing I could do—because that's what I have these great women for!  Strengthened by the 4 of them, letting go becomes easier every day! And I can focus on what I like most: creating the collections and the marketing!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Love Brechje

P.S. How cool is this neon pink BAGS BIGGER THAN LIFE lamp in our office?


Leuk om te lezen…! Ik heb zelf de hele zwarte serie tassen, toilettas en de badlakens…
Tassen zijn inmiddels onmisbaar geworden (hoe heb ik dit hiervoor gedaan ;))
Het liefst zou ik ook een croco zwarte cabin case willen, wie weet komt deze ooit in de collectie, dan ben ik de eerste die deze koopt ! 😊


Apetrots op mijn dochter wat ze na 7 jaar heeft bereikt. Mooi om te zien hoe zij apetrots op haar team is en de afzonderlijke kwaliteiten zo krachtig omschrijft. Garantie voor succes!!

Marie-José Gondrie

Super leuk stukje om te lezen.
Ik heb ondertussen al 2 shoppers en een toilet tas. Maar nu met de nieuwe collectie word ik weer erg getriggerd voor wat nieuws . Dus wie weet binnenkort een nieuwe bestelling 😊
Veel succes en een fijn weekend



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