Why I Named My Bag Brand All-time Favourites

Why I Named My Bag Brand All-time Favourites

Nice to have you here again and reading my blog! My name is Brechje and I am the proud founder of All-time Favourites, the big bag brand that I launched in the Dutch market in 2015 and where I have now been, supported by a team of 4 women, for over 7 years. I am working hard to conquer not only Dutch women's hearts, but now also the Spanish and German hearts! And having so much fun!

A question I am regularly asked is, "Why did you choose the name All-time Favourites for your bag brand?" Well, let me explain, because it was a very well-thought out decision!

The "Dikke van Dalen" (the official Dutch dictionary) says the following about the term All-time: "You use all-time when you are comparing all the things of a particular type that there have ever been. For example, if you say that something is the all-time favourite, you mean that it is the favourite thing of its type that there has ever been".

In other words, it's your favourite compared to all the others, ever.

But I didn't decide on the name based on that definition alone. There was more to it. Because, in order to become an all-time favourite, an item must meet a number of requirements. Something doesn't become an all-time favourite over night, right? It takes time, a very long time. It must be sustainable.

For example:

"Brech, what a nice cardigan you are wearing."

"Yes, it's nice, isn't it? This is really my all-time favorite , it's old, I've been wearing it for years but it remains a favorite!"

When does something last a very long time? Only if the quality is good. And when does something become a favourite? If it brings you pleasure, always serves you well and makes you happy. And that was exactly what I wanted to achieve with my bag brand. And it's why I chose the name All-time Favourites—to stand for high-quality TOP bags that last a long time, in the nicest prints, with a touch of pink, that you can use every day. It makes you happy because it's a bag that serves you so well! So that a bag from All-time Favourites becomes your all-time favorite!

And why, Favourites, and not Favourite? Because I really wanted to make SUCH NICE BIG BAGS, that you wouldn't want just one, but two or maybe more! My ambitions have always been big, just like my bags!

Have a nice weekend,

Love Brechje

P.S. Check out the car (and the bag) in this photo. Now that's a real all-time favorite!

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