What Size Bag Should You Choose?

What Size Bag Should You Choose?

Nice to have you here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje, I am the founder of All-time Favourites and I have been living in Barcelona for 18 months in order to found All-time Favourites España.

This week I want to talk to you about our tote bag sizes. As you know, we have the large tote, the medium tote and the small tote. And for many of you it is a big question mark as to which size you should purchase.

I get messages like these every day in my inbox:

“I would like to buy a cool tote from you, but I don't know which one to choose."

"I want to purchase the bag for the holidays and I have 3 children, so there are 5 of us in total. What size do you recommend?"

To help clear things up, I put together some sizing tips.

Tote Bag Size Guide

Large tote bag: The ideal family holiday bag. It fits towels, toys for the kids, extra clothing, etc. But also if you are going away as a couple and you have to put in clothes and towels for 2 people for the beach. This size is also perfect if you only travel with hand luggage and need to fit everything for your trip in it. Once at your destination, it is also ideal as a beach bag! And if you have to return a lot of empty bottles to the supermarket or are going on a long shopping spree—this large bag your best friend! And yes, it also fits a yoga mat!

Medium tote bag:  Ideal for every day. You pack this in the morning for work, including your laptop, lunch, and maybe you'll have to stop by the supermarket along the way and fit in some groceries. Your sports clothes also fit in. Basically your whole day fits in! And you are always in style. The large tote is simply too big for days like this. The medium tote bag is also perfect as hand luggage if you have checked in a suitcase and therefore need to carry less with you on board, but you do want room to throw in a jacket and neck pillow with you.

Small tote bag: This is actually a refined handbag and can no longer really be called a “tote”. Bit holds more than you think. I once used it to carry my MacBook AND a bunch of bananas. Just think of it as a handbag or small shoulder bag, where you carry your daily things. There are plenty of days when my small tote is inside my large tote, in addition to an extra outfit or some groceries when I'm on the road.

I hope this has helped you a bit! And if you still have questions, check out this tutorial. And if you have any tips on how we ca make our sizing even clearer, please let us know!

Nice weekend!

Love Brechje

Large shopper ATF The large shopper: ideal for weekend trips like here in Paris

Little shopper The little shopper; ideal for every day!

The XS shopper ATF
The XS shopper: the perfect handbag!

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