Why Do I Have to Pay for Shipping at ATF?

Why Do I Have to Pay for Shipping at ATF?

Why do I have to pay shipping costs, even if I spend more than €100? We hear that question all the time. And I am happy to explain our answer, as many times as it takes. It has everything to do with sustainability!

And All-time Favourites is working hard toward sustainability in two ways:

1. Making bags that lasting well and for a long time.

We're anti fast fashion, the act buying a lot for little and often of poor quality. That is something I really don't want and have never wanted for All-time Favourites. Our name actually reflects this. And our quality totes do too, with a return rate of just 2.7%. This is really exceptionally low and I am very proud of that. I am continuously selecting the best zippers, the best lining, the best materials, so that our bags are strong enough to last a LIFETIME!

2. Striving to use energy sources and the environment wisely.

We don't want to be a burden the environment. That's why we offer an alternative to plastic bags with our tote bags. With an All-time Favourites shopper bag you no longer need plastic bags. You throw everything you need into your ATF tote and go. And you look nice too! You also only need one shopper instead of all kinds of different bags: with one tote from ATF you can go on holiday and do shopping and exercise and go to the sauna and on the plane, etc.

And then there is something else that I am very proud of. Our shipping bags have been 100% biodegradable for a few years now. Which means that these bags completely dissolve into compost and do not harm the environment at all, unlike normal plastic shipping bags. That's great, isn't it? You have probably seen these nice pink bags when you placed an order with us.

And now let's get to the shipping costs that of you are not happy about. They are part of our sustainability strategy too! People sometimes think that we make money from shipping fees, that we put it in our own pockets or something. But in addition to the costs of our warehouse that has to pack everything (handling), the shipping costs are many times higher than the €4.95 that we pass on to you, the customer.

But free shipping and returns do not fit our philosophy. Together, ATF and the customer, we impact the environment with online shopping and we therefore believe that we should bear those costs together . So that the customer makes an informed choice and places an order. For some, this may be a barrier or they may find that no shipping costs should be paid when purchasing two or more pieces. But whether you buy one or 10 pieces, spend €25 or €2500, the costs and the pressure on the environment are always the same.

Fortunately, free shipping and returns are already on their way out. It just not possible in terms of costs, but especially in terms of the environment. And there needs to be more awareness about this. That is also sustainability.

There is of course still plenty more work for us to do in the field of sustainability, especially in regards to the second point. But in the meantime I am really happy with what we have been able to do so far. And in any case, as a brand we will always succeed on point one with flying colors, because our shoppers have and will always have the ability to stay good for a long time! No Fast Fashion at ATF!

Enjoy your weekend!

Greetings Brechje

P.S. Check our new luxurious GOLD LABEL line made from recycled plastic fishing nets! Have you seen that one yet?


Ik snap dat je de retour zending betaald neemt maar niet de als je het bestelde gewoon houd.


Graag wil ik atf compliment geven voor het enorm snel verzending. Echt binnen 24 uur.Voor service en duurzaamheid betaal ik graag.

Barbar maiburg

En zo is het, goed bezig ATF 👍👍👍


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