ATF Hand Luggage —Will it Fit?

ATF Hand Luggage —Will it Fit?

Nice to have you here again and reading my blog. My name is Brechje and I am the founder of All-time Favourites (ATF). I founded ATF to help busy on-the-go women get the most out of their busy days & life. With a tote bag from All-time Favourites by your side, you can easily manage to go stylishly from childcare to the office, then dash off to the supermarket or to the gym, and then grab a drink on the beach! And...this busy life also requires a bit travel, in style! You're in luck because our tote bags make the PERFECT HAND LUGGAGE!

No matter where you go, your ATF shopper is your perfect travel buddy! I think one of questions our customer service gets is whether the All-time Favourites tote bags can come on board as HAND LUGGAGE. YES! That's allowed.

I can't emphasize that enough because, it is a major concern. Just this week, a woman asked: "TUI and Ryanair's rules have been tightened again regarding hand luggage, and now I see the dimensions that apply to them and they are really much smaller than the ATF totes."

And now I will lay her and your concerns to rest by explaining how ATF tote bags are allowed on board. You have probably seen those those suitcase templates at the airport and the sign next to it saying something like 'your hand luggage must fit into this space, otherwise it will not be allowed on board'. And that is true, but only  for hard, non-flexible suitcases. If your suitcase or a hard bag is larger than the stated dimensions, it won't fit in the overhead bins and probably won't fit between your legs on the floor either. 

But our tote bags are so soft and flexible, so you can always stuff them into the suitcase template (see photo below) if the ground stewardess asks you to check whether your bag complies with the rules. The only thing you have to do is not overfill your ATF shopper, because then the bag will be less easy to deform.

Travel is so easy with my ATF tote, is that I kind of feel bad for all the hassle people with hard suitcases go through. Everything takes so much longer than with a tote. And when they are finally almost on the plane, their suitcase is confiscated because there is not enough room left in the overhead bins. But I can just continue walking onto the plane. And you can too, because this will NEVER happen to you with a soft bag. Because it can always be between your legs, even if all the bins on the plane are full. Nice, right?

I would like to point all those people to ATF! And, even better, once you reach your destination, your ATF tote can also be used as your beach bag and shopping bag! Stylish and useful. We at ATF love that!

Enjoy your weekend, the holiday plans you are making and YOUR FLIGHT! For even more explanation in the form of a video, click here !

Love Brechje

All-time Favourites carry-on luggage

All-time Favourites carry-on luggage

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En mag de tas ook mee met Ryanair? Die hebben zulke kleine tasformaten


Geldt dit ook voor de grote maat shopper? Mvg Jill!


Klopt helemaal! Vanmorgen nog gevlogen met koffertje en ATF tas. Mocht gewoon mee! Zijn gewoon toppers ( de tassen)


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