Black Friday at ATF

Black Friday at ATF

Welcome back to my blog! My name is Brechje and with my blog I like to keep you informed of what comes my way while building my own brand All-time Favourites.

Today I want to talk to you about BLACK FRIDAY. Because we have been receiving questions from customer service all month long asking whether we are participating in BLACK FRIDAY. The answer is no. And I thought it was time to explain why.

As an online retailer you have to deal with many annual discount events: Blue Monday, Easter, Christmas, end-of-season sale, mid-season sale, Valentine's Day, Single's Day, BLACK FRIDAY, Cyber ​​Monday and on and on and on. If you want, you could have a sale almost every day, there is always an occasion . As a small player in the large online world, this is quite difficult. Because we simply cannot (and do not want to) play around with our prices. It does not suit ATF (nor does it suit me as the woman behind ATF).

Years ago I made the decision that I would prefer not to participate in the sale madness, or at least as little as possible. As a brand we try to do the right thing ALL THE TIME, to be a favourite bag, sold at the right price, throughout the year. Making your ATF experience, timeless. Why should we put a classic, an all-time favorite, on a temporary sale? a feel-good brand we want to do something fun, especially for our loyal customers. That's why from this Saturday, November 18 to Monday, November 27, 11:59 PM CET, when you purchase a tote bag, you will receive either the great sunglass case worth €39.95, or the great ATF cap in black or pink worth €39.95 as a gift from us! You can choose which you want (you will find these items in the web shop under "all accessories" from November 18)! This way we don't mess around with the prices, but we do something nice for you! Why on November 18? Because Sinterklaas, the Dutch Santa Claus, will bring something new to our collection that day. So keep an eye on our the web store that day!

How does it work? Browse our web store, choose the tote you want to buy, then choose the gift (glasses case or cap) you want to receive, and use the code BLACK23 at check-out. €39.95 will be automatically deducted from your total!

Which gift will you choose?

Lots of love,


Glasses case ATF

Cap ATF pink

Cap ATF black

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