Why don't our tote bags have crossbody straps

Why don't our tote bags have crossbody straps

Along with questions about carry-on luggage, one of the questions we often get from our lovely fans is, “Why don’t our tote bags have crossbody straps?” The truth is, our bags are the result of careful consideration, and there's a rationale behind our design choice. Let's delve into it!

Back in 2011, while working in the World Fashion Centre, I noticed numerous fashionable women bustling about with those iconic blue and yellow Swedish IKEA bags. It struck me then: women today need a more stylish alternative to those practical yet lacking-in-femininity large tote bag. We needed something that would allow us to navigate our busy lives with style, whether it be for work, sports, travel, the beach, groceries, or any other activity—because, after all, when your day is non-stop your entire life needs to fit inside your bag!

And that’s the simple answer to the question about why don’t our bags have crossbody straps. Introducing a crossbody strap to our sizable ATF tote bags would compromise the elegance and sophistication we strive to embody. But that doesn’t mean practicality is sacrificed in our totes. Our bags boasts double handles, robust zippers, interior clips, and many other convenient features. It's this fusion of aesthetics and functionality that defines our brand and bag DNA. We've dubbed it S.O.S.—an acronym symbolizing our commitment to crafting bags that are Stoer (Tough), Opgewekt (Cheerful), and Stijlvol (Stylish).

That being said, if you're yearning for an ATF bag equipped with a crossbody strap, our Knokke unisex tote bag comes with one. We made this exception primarily because men often have broader shoulders, making crossbody carrying more comfortable for them. Apologies if this seems like a generalization; it's really a matter of body anatomy, or what scientists and ergonomic product designers refer to as anthropometry. So ladies, do yourselves and your look justice by opting for the strapless versions of our large tote bags. Not only will you exude ten times more elegance while carrying your belongings, but you'll also be treating your upper body with greater care.

Love, Brechje

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